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April 1991
Entering the market of safes, first sales of Russian safe boxes.
Summer 1992
First supply of offshore safes to Russia.
November 1993
Beginning of development of dealers net in Russia and CIS.
August 1997
Opening of the first branch in Krasnodar.
April 2000
Opening of own industry in Russia.
September 2001
Management system was certified in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2000.
Summer 2003
Opening of first foreign branch in Bulgaria.
July 2008
Trial production in Bulgaria and Tula region.
August 2009
Safes were certified to meet standards ECB-S. First export to Central Europe.
October 2009
Official opening of the plant in Bulgaria
September 2010
Official opening of the plant in Tula region
August 2013
Safes were certified in system RSB-C (РСБ-С).