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Promet took under patronage two orphan asylums in Uzlovsky district of Tula region not far FROM plant_en Promet-Uzlovaya. Our company had helped orphans earlier but those were single acts. Now we are aimed at long-term serious support. We want to help children rise FROM the_en bottom of the society, atmosphere of alcoholism, poverty and crimes where they managed to survive and grow up

Public Educational Establishment of Tula Region “Dubovka special (correction) public education board-school for foster children with disabilities". The school was founded in 1969; its short name is PEE TR “Dubovka boarding school”. It is situated in Dubovka, 5 km FROM Promet_en UZMK plant. The school was founded for education of children with intellectual underdevelopment in order to correct it due to education and labor training as well as social and psychological rehabilitation for further integration into society. School education starts with 1st grade for children 7-8 years old.
There are 112 children among who there are orphans, social orphans, and underprivileged children.
Here is the site of the establishment:  http://dshkola8vida.ucoz.ru.

Public Educational Establishment of Tula Region "Uzlovsky orphan asylum" (PEE TR “Uzlovsky orphan asylum")
Date of foundation: 1999

Type: educational establishment for orphans and children without parental support. The establishment provides education and development of children as well as care, nursing and invigoration of orphans and children without parental support aged FROM 3_en to 18.
Form: orphan asylum (mixed).
Location: 14 Polevaya str., town Uzlovaya, Tula region.
Site of the school: http://uzlovaya-detdom.ru

Our first charity action was the request to employees of Promet in Sosenki and Uzlovaya to bring unnecessary toys, clothes and games. Many people answered the request and brought many toys, clothes and shoes.

After that, we congratulated children on Holy Easter Day. We bought and gave sweets, juice and Easter cakes for children of Dubovka board-school.

At the end of school year, Promet prepared for students of these two asylums another surprise. As during all their lives these children never got presents they wanted, we decided to give them presents that they were dreaming of.
The children wrote their wish on sheets of paper. These sheets were put up at the entrance to the canteens of central office and on Promet UZMK plant. We called these callboards “Wish wall”. Each employee could choose a sheet with a wish he or she could fulfill. The requests were very different: FROM a_en paddle brush to a tablet PC or a guitar.

On May 23, at the end of school year we brought the presents to the asylums. Besides presents, Promet organized circus performance. Children were glad to see trick dogs, doves, guanacos and a python. In addition, they were even happier when they received presents.

At the beginning of autumn, we will celebrate birthdays of “summer” children and we will give them albums with their photos made by our employees.
Our charity work continues. We decided to create charity fund “Give hope” for organization of that activity. Make a plan of the fund actions. We have distinguished four large branches of the fund activity.

1. Current needs. The orphan asylums are well run by the state but state-controlled economy cannot penetrate all needs of people. There are loads of little things (FROM toys_en tissues and threads to toilet paper and spending money for elder children.

2. Extensive repair. It is necessary for the school in Dubovka as the building was erected in 1948 and has never been seriously repaired. However, “Gornyatsky” has problems too. Roof, windows, floors, central heating (there are not radiators but registers – all in patches) should be replaced in Dubovka School. The scope of works is immense; we wish to finish until the beginning of the school year. However, this repair is endless – we can only improve the general condition of the building. That is why Promet came forward with initiative to devote some funds for construction of a new building for board-school in Dubovka, Uzlovsky district.

P.S. On June 24 the agreement between LLC “Uzlovsky steel fabrication plant” and PEE TR “Dubovka special (correction) public education board-school for foster children with disabilities” concerning extensive repair was signed.
Tula region Governor’s councilor Galina Ratnikova, director of PEE TR “Dubovka special (correction) public education board-school for foster children with disabilities” Tatiana Shishkina, representatives of LLC “UZMK Promet” took part in this event.
Director of educational establishment and representative of LLC “UZMK Promet” signed bilateral agreement under which the enterprise will sponsor the board-school at doing the repair.

3. Moral mentoring. Children do not have moral guides. We see organization of religious school with the help of Tula orthodox parish as one of our aim. We would like the priest to visit children in asylums no less than once a week.

4. Involvement in the process as many people as possible. We have several wonderful examples. Employees of CO and ZMK took part in our activity; workers of UZMK assembled furniture in their free time. “Simplex” company (well-known enterprise in the market of windows production) supplied 200 windows free of charge.