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The Give Hope Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in July 2013 with the active support of Promet.

The Fund’s activities are aimed at implementing social projects in the field of charitable assistance to children in children's institutions. Currently, the fund provides support to two children's institutions, in which, among others, orphans, children left without parental care and children with disabilities.

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The main activities of the Fund:

You can help by transferring funds. All proceeds are used to provide targeted assistance to our wards in the form of acquiring necessary things, carrying out repairs in orphanages, and organizing cultural and other events. Reports on the intended use of funds are stored in the Fund’s archive, and we are ready to provide a detailed report at any time on where the funds donated by you were sent.
We heartily thank you for every donation you make! For children, indeed, even your smallest contribution is dear.

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 7117503055
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) 711701001
Acc. 40703810666000000254
Bank Office No. 8604 of Sberbank of Russia, Tula
Corr. acc. 30101810300000000608
RCBIC 047003608
Payment purpose Donation for charitable and statutory activities (excluding VAT)