The biggest manufacturer and distributor of safes and steel furniture in Europe


NPO Promet LLC is the largest Russian manufacturer and distributor of safes, steel office, medical and industrial furniture, steel doors, automatic storage systems and electronic locks.

  • We preserve values and create order by providing goods and services of the best quality
  • Leadership in the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU
  • Leadership in technology and efficiency
  • Our products are not only iron, but also ideas
  • Long-term relationships with customers and partners
  • Flexible, high-tech production
  • Constant work with innovations
  • Application of the lean manufacturing system taking into account the best practices of KAIZEN
  • Ability to create, produce, and sell new products
  • Improving the properties of materials based on the development of their own R&D departments
  • Compliance with social guarantees
  • Non-discrimination
  • Employee incentives
  • Anti-corruption policy

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Minimization of negative impact on the environment
  • The growth of environmental awareness among the employees of the organization
  • Internal environmental monitoring and environmental control


The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non–profit organization whose goal is to promote responsible forest management worldwide. The Council defines standards based on the agreed principles of responsible forest management, which are supported by stakeholders representing economic, environmental and social interests.

of metalworking experience
NPO Promet LLC is a participant of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "National Champions" project

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130 000 m2 Total manufacturing area 6700
Average monthly production volume
> 5500
Product range


Lean manufacturing

The principle of Lean manufacturing is organized at our enterprises, which means that the volumes of products are determined based solely on the needs of the client. We do not create excess stocks either at the stage of purchasing materials or during the storage of finished products.

This approach allows us to reduce labor costs and production time of each product, save on warehouse space and guarantee delivery to the customer on time, in the required quality and with a fixed cost.

Production from scratch (greenfield)

All our production sites were designed and built from scratch. This approach is called Greenfield and it allows you to make a plan of premises, lay engineering networks, develop infrastructure for the needs and features of a particular production.

This gave us the opportunity to initially integrate the principles of Lean manufacturing into the system and make sure that every square meter of the plant's area is used as efficiently as possible.

Modern equipment

The factories are equipped with the most modern equipment. Robotization of most production processes allows you to produce products in automatic mode, makes it possible to manufacture both very large and small batches due to simple and fast reconfiguration of equipment by means of CNC. High quality and reliability is achieved due to technological efficiency and the absence of the influence of the "human factor" on the final result.

Quality orientation

Our approach to quality is to meet the needs for storage of values ​​by providing the best quality goods and services.

The Promet quality management system has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since September 2001.

Since 2023, one of the most reputable and large international certification organizations TUV AUSTRIA GMBH has been acting as the certifying body of Promet.

About production

Kaizen is at the heart of management principles

In its activities, the company relies on the Japanese Kaizen practice, the essence of which is the continuous improvement of all processes. Based on Kaizen, the company has developed the principles that guide its work:

Attitude towards the client

In Promet, the interests of the client come first, for them we do everything that we promise and even more, because our future depends on satisfied customers who are ready to return to our company.


Promet deserves customer loyalty by providing products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. We are looking for and implementing "best practices" in our field, and will not release products if they do not meet the established technical requirements.


Mutual trust is the foundation of relationships and success. We trust our employees, clients and partners, working with them on mutually beneficial terms.


We build relationships with employees, hoping for long-term relationships, and value their loyalty, encourage their development.

Work in the company

We face common tasks, on which, thanks to joint work, prompt, coordinated and balanced decisions are made.

Quickness of decisions

Promet encourages action. Before making a decision, we carefully consider and analyze the information, however, if it is not enough, we are still disposed to act, because action gives information.


We are focused on long-term cooperation. Many of our partners have been with us for more than 25 years.
Contact us if you want to become our partner.