The biggest manufacturer and distributor of safes and steel furniture in Europe


In 2000, we built the first factory for the production of safes and metal office furniture. In 2009, production was launched in Bulgaria, and in 2010 the official opening took place a factory in the Tula region. Our production sites are equipped with the best metalworking equipment equipment that allows you to produce goods at reasonable prices and of the best quality in the industry.

We are proud of our technicians and workers. We have created a strong team, which constantly develops and modernizes both our products and their production processes. A high level of automation has been introduced in the production, cleanliness is maintained, and we pay a lot of attention to safety.

Taking care of the environment is an integral part of our work. In enterprises Measures are provided to minimize the harmful effects of production impact on the environment.

To get acquainted with the full version of the Environmental Policy of NPO Promet LLC

According to the conclusion of the certification body TUV AUSTRIA GMBH PROMET's quality management system complies with requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard

We use high-strength Russian steel

For the production of our products, we use only high-quality raw materials from leading suppliers of steel and components.

All Promet suppliers are carefully selected and regularly certified for quality by independent experts.

80 000 tons steel
is processed per year

Modern metal processing equipment

When equipping production, we give preference to the best suppliers, as we understand that this is the key to efficient, defect-free production. All our enterprises have equipment installed that allows them to compete with the world's leading manufacturers.


  1. Preparation of parts

    The production of the safe begins with the preparation of parts of the future housing, some of the blanks are cut down on an automatic cutting line, more complex geometries are cut out with a laser. The finished steel parts are bent by a bending robot and at this stage it is already possible to recognize the outlines of the future safe in the workpiece.

    Ahead is one of the most difficult sections – welding.

  2. Welding

    The robot applies welds according to programmed drawings and in accordance with the tooling. Complex, atypical seams are cooked by hand. In addition, constructive tricks are laid in burglar-resistant safes at the welding site, which ensures the protection of the safe.

    After welding, the welds are cleaned and each structure is checked for compliance with quality standards.

  3. Painting

    Here the workpiece is processed in a phosphate bath. A special solution allows you to remove the oil layer from the metal and protect it from corrosion during operation.

    After that, the future safe is dried and enters the painting chamber, where robots cover it with soil and a colored coating.

  4. Assembly Line

    Kanban has been implemented for effective work in this area. All necessary parts and tools are located in signed containers in a strictly defined order.

    This allows you to significantly save time on assembly and reduces the risk of error.

    Quality control inspectors check each safe for assembly quality and compliance with technological maps.


    The finished safe is packed and sent to the finished product warehouse, from where it is shipped for delivery to dealers.

The process of creating a safe

The video shows the full version of the creation of Promet products at all four stages of production from the preparation of parts to assembly. The process is illustrated by the example of our popular products: furniture and office safes of the ASM series, burglar-proof safes of the Karat series, fire-resistant and burglar-resistant safes of the Garant series, as well as PRAKTIK filing cabinets.

Our products are not only metal, but also ideas

The level of development work and high-tech production allows fulfill orders of any complexity.

6 employees have a scientific degree 100 people works
in a design bureau
> 450 million rubles. investments in R&D
ship-white ship-white ship-white
Promet today:
35 branches in Russia

with its own warehouses from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok


to 76 countries of the world


by road
railway transport
by sea

24-hours We work
in 8 time zones
cargo Modern fleet,
with a load capacity
from 0.5 to 10 tons
diploma-blue The products are
in Russia,
Europe and America