The biggest manufacturer and distributor of safes and steel furniture in Europe
  • Customer: PEPSICO
  • Country, City: Russia
  • Task: Storage of employees personal belongings organization
  • Solution: Personal lockers LS-21-45 (Special order in non-standard colors, doors RAL 5002 (Blue), Lock A 129, Legs 100mm - 1115 pcs Locker-benches 1000x385x450 (Laminated chipboard) - 1000pcs. In addition: Cupboards AM1891, Key boxes KB-20, MS STRONG, Safes "Karat" cashiers cabinets AMB-140/10
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Technical college
  • Customer: Technical college
  • Country, City: Ukrain
  • Task: Renovation of students professional workplaces arrange workplaces for Electricians Study
  • Solution: Delivery of workbenches PROFI W in set with perforated panels, set of accesoires and dielectric rubber mats
    Delivery of personal lockers LS-21 for changing rooms
    Delivered: Personal Lockers LS-21
    Workbenches Profi W WT120.WD1/F1.000
    Workbenches Profi W WT120.WD5/F1.000
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Police academi
  • Customer: Police academi
  • Country, City: Estonia, Narva
  • Task: Equipment of police academy with steel furniture and Racks
  • Solution: Delivery of Racks MS Standard -18 pcs
    Delivery of Racks MS Hard - 16pcs
    Pistol storage gun cupboard (24 trays) - 3 pcs
    Riffle storage cupboard - 30pcs
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Leroy Merlin
  • Customer: Leroy Merlin
  • Task: Equipment for medical offices and changing rooms for employees
  • Solution: Delivery of personal lockers LS-21 for changing rooms with locker benches (pine) -210 pcs
    Delivery of medical banquetteы and couches
    Delivery of medical treatment tables MD SP 2G
    Delivery of Medical Cupboard MD 2 1780 R-1
    Safe GARANT Euro 165T EL
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International Airport
  • Customer: International Airport
  • Task: Equipment forwarehouse and archive rooms
  • Solution: Delivery of personal lockers LS-21 f
    Delivery of Cupboards AM-1891
    Delivery of RAKCS MS Strong
    Delivery of Safes ASM-120 and ASM-63
    Delivery of automatic laggage storage with electronic payment possibility
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  • Customer: Dujardin
  • Country, City: Lerdam, Netherlands
  • Task: Deposite storage equipment
  • Solution: Delivery of Safe Deposit boxes with biometric control
    16 stands fro 32 boxes each + steel boxes
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Erste Bank Croatia
  • Customer: Erste Bank Croatia
  • Country, City: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Task: Safes for Bank office
  • Solution: Delivery of Safes "Bastion" - 54 pcs, included alarm connection and Kaba Axessor IP lock
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Österreichische Post
  • Customer: Österreichische Post
  • Country, City: St. Georgen i.A.
  • Task: Employees personal belongies storage
  • Solution: Delivery of Safes "T-series", special model LE-17 Post - 6300pcs (can be mounted in one system
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Kurdistan International Bank
  • Customer: Kurdistan International Bank
  • Task: Deposit safe boxes, biometric access
  • Solution: Delivery of Deposit safe boxes with Kaba Mauer biometric locks with PALM Secure access.
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